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all signature treatments are performed with one of the four mood catering, 100% custom made pure essential oil blends. their aromas gently incite the five senses, bringing one to the now, allowing one to effortlessly connect directly with nature and one’s emotional being. each of the four avi signature oils are based on an emotion inspired by one of the four classical elements.

is based on the water element to invoke confidence and counter fear.

poise is based on the earth element to instill balance and counter distress.

lightness is based on the wind element to induce delight and counter sadness.

ardour is based on the fire element to encourage passion and counter anger.

with all the treatments within the avi signature range, guests are able to select one of our four signature oils, either to counter or reinforce an emotion. at avi, you do not just go into a spa for a treatment, you take home with you an experience.

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